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Agathe Guibé

04 June 2019

Art therapy, when paintings evoke emotions

If you type “art benefits” on Google, you will find a lot of articles explaining how self-expression through artistic creation has therapeutic value. However, we usually forget about the contemplative function of art and its positive virtues.


Agathe Guibé

29 May 2019

A famous painting in Art History everyone should know: the Mona Lisa

Let's start this series with one of the main reasons people from around the world are so tempted to visit the Louvre Museum - The Mona Lisa

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Agathe Guibé

21 May 2019

Artupia and the SDA Bocconi Sailing Club: our amazing weekend in Lerici!

This weekend, 17th-19th of May, Artupia had the chance to partner with SDA Bocconi Sailing Club for their annual regatta in Lerici.


Agathe Guibé

16 May 2019

Why is it impossible to define Art?

ART. Why does such a short word mean so many different things for people? Usually when we hear the word “art”, our minds tend to automatically think of museums, the Joconde, the Sistine Chapel and complex artistic movements.


Alberto Lina

22 May 2019

A different Art world - Why I founded Artupia

This is my first post about this story that I am living about an art project that I am working on together with other people and this will be the first post of a big story, at least I hope.