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Welcome to the 1st edition of the “Artupia Contest”.

The Artupia Contest is a competition organized to allow emerging artists to express, through their technique and style, their message and vision of characters, themes and events of our contemporary era. Through the works of our artists, we would like to give to the contemporary art a new channel of communication extremely actual to make it more and more able to excite, inform and reflect.

"Making Humans a Multi-Planetary Species"

Elon Musk


For our first contest, we have chosen one of the today's most influent people, who indeed has gained the 21st position in the ranking of the most powerful people on the planet: we are talking about Elon Musk.

His passions? Energy and space. And indeed it's no surprise we find him as director of SolarCity, an enterprise through which he aims to revolutionize the market of solar panels. He's also turned upside down the market of transports, by designing the first modern electric vehicle,"Tesla," for the first time available on the market in 2008. Last but not least, his big dream: the universe. Since 2002 Elon has pursued the purpose of looking beyond our frontiers, and according to this aim, he has created"Space X," a Society that sets as its biggest goal the colonization of Mars. Yep, you got it right: Mars! That big, red, far away, the inhospitable planet has found in Musk its biggest fan and supporter. That's why Elon has created the first reusable rocket, Falcon 9, which finally lays the foundation for interplanetary travel. 


An inspirational figure, who represents many of the ideals that people at Artupia believe in determination, passion, belief in one's ideas and the will to never stop even when in front of something that appears to be unreachable. 


The artwork that will win the contest will be sent to Elon Musk in person! As he would like to bring humanity to Mars, we would like the artwork to represent himself bringing art to Mars, and we would like to write: "Elon, you want to bring humanity to Mars and we would like to bring art everywhere, on Mars too!"



Suggested support:

Minimum measures: 500,00 X 1000,00 mm

Maximum measures: 500,00 X 1000,00 mm


As said we will send the winner artwork to Elon Musk in person, and we would like to send a card with the artwork that says: "Elon, you want to bring humanity to Mars and we would like to bring art everywhere, on Mars too! Enjoy your artwork from NAME OF THE ARTIST and Artupia!”

Our idea was that the artwork should be compatible with the text written on the card and represent Elon, Mars, and artwork under his arm or Elon bringing art on Mars. This is only an idea, of course, so if you come up with a better idea feel free to develop it.

Please feel free to contact us for more specifications or more info, we are happy to help and explain everything further.



The contest is free to join and the winner will be the artist who will have the work most appreciated by Artupia users at the end of the contest. The artwork will be sent to Elon Musk in person, and the artist will receive a prize of 1000 $.


Application deadline: 12 November 2017

Contest start date: 13 November 2017

Contest end date: 10 December 2017

The contest is free to join and artists can confirm their participation in the contest until the 12th of November, and they can upload the opera from the contest start date until the contest end date. Upload your work as soon as possible to increase the possibility to get a high appreciation.


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