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The art of Monica Maffei springs from a special sensibility and finds its expression in compositions characterized by a subtle lyricism. Tones and understones combine with elegance on the canvas with a succession of shades and mutual contaminations, leaving vague human forms emerging occasionally. The artist masters the canvas with an overlapping of pigments and signs, and, at the same time, reveals and conceals her own subjects, which, in the end, result to be surrounded by a mysterious aura. The hand of the artist skillfully measures out light and shadow, strong and fading colours, which nearly seem to be washed out, while a well coordinated harmony is springing out from the surface of the painting. The observer needs to understand the message transpiring from the glazes and the rythmical signs: these are emotions emerging from the folds of the soul, echoes of life experiences that Monica Maffei describes with rare intensity. Paolo Levi


A Child Will Lead Them
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