At Artupia we believe in the undiscovered artist. Everything we do champions them as creators and we wanted a way to share this with the world.

So we started to think, beyond the artwork they create, what is unique to each and every artist on our site? Their signature. Acting almost as their brand mark, as a sign of completion and a proud statement of “I did this”.

We set out to capture this, asking artists to sign their names, from which we took the first letter and crafted a distinct monograph, building up 26 characters to form the first version of our ‘Army of Artists’ typeface in January 2017.

Since then, as Artupia has grown and evolved as more and more artists signed up, our typeface organically has grown in the same way.

Available to download directly from our site using the link below, our ever-changing typeface can be used by artists and designers everywhere, as a sign of appreciation and a statement of support to our growing Army.

All we ask in return is that you credit Artupia when and where you use it, to spread the word of what we do and help get more great artists discovered.

Download our typeface now