Artwork No. 3928

Paesaggio Immaginario Con Sole E Macchia Di Petrolio



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Acrylic on Cardstock


10 X 8 inch

Crafted Date

Sept. 12, 2018

Acrylic on Cardstock (10 X 8 inch)

Crafted on Sept. 12, 2018



This price will rise, Why?

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Artist's description: Acrilic on canvas on cardboard: an imaginary landscape, a dream. Skyline are towers, big tower is a big oil Company. Sun is switched on by oil, a platform just broken losing crude oil. A lot of people was get in a party. Some children run and play. At the left maybe me, in a way a signature


city people figurative notext approximate warm colors art painting visual arts drawing artwork watercolor paint illustration sky cartoon fiction world trendy


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