Artwork No. 732

The Tree Of Lhighfe



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Red pencil on Paper


11 X 8 inch

Crafted Date

May 1, 2014

Red pencil on Paper (11 X 8 inch)

Crafted on May 1, 2014



This price will rise, Why?

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Artist's description: This design is born from boredom during long hours of lessons at school . The interpretation is long and complex , however, the scene is divided neatly into two , on the one hand the energy tree that turns everything around him in a chaotic and crazy ambient ; on the other the now dead tree that is invigorated by the external forming faces and faces difficult to distinguish


sun people figurative notext medium cold colors eye black and white gray art black white visual arts drawing artwork illustration font printmaking monochrome photography monochrome history most viewed black-and-white doodle


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