Artwork No. 1994

The Road To Mars



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Mixed on Canvas


19 X 23 inch

Crafted Date

Sept. 28, 2017

Mixed on Canvas (19 X 23 inch)

Crafted on Sept. 28, 2017



This price will rise, Why?

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Artist's description: I don't know why but immediately I finished I saw into the painting a different world than our, with other forms of life and with other ways to communicate . Every time I see it I can think of the European project Exo Mars, I can think of Cape Canaveral, I can think of Yuri Gagarin, I can think of Stephen Hawking and I don't forget even Elon Musk. Until we go to Mars let's enjoy our Earth.


abstract color mix notext shaded warm colors travel gold wall rock art painting light brown visual arts pink wood geology formation pattern yellow soil history outcrop brown


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