Artwork No. 1995

24 Hours Of Incense



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Mixed on Canvas


19 X 23 inch

Crafted Date

Oct. 10, 2016

Mixed on Canvas (19 X 23 inch)

Crafted on Oct. 10, 2016



This price will rise, Why?

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Artist's description: This picture represents the daily life, a daily life made of pleasures and vices. As Nietzsche says I think we are "human, too human" not to fall into the vices and if it were not so this would be a problem. When I drew this painting I imagined the incense like cigarettes, the smoke coming out of the incense, the red lighter, a glass broken in the white part and a beautiful curved line (we tend always to vitiate in an elegant way as the curved line).As regards the "24" this was suggested to me by a friend ( it was a joke more than a suggestion). This was due to the fact that under the colors it is a page of the newspaper "Il sole 24 ore".


abstract color mix notext shaded strong contrast table wall art painting flooring black visual arts modern art line still life still life photography design interior design furniture floor room


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