Artwork No. 3030

Existence Has No Title



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Mixed on Canvas


31 X 23 inch

Crafted Date

March 7, 2018

Mixed on Canvas (31 X 23 inch)

Crafted on March 7, 2018



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Artist's description: The painting represents existence, which can not be cataloged, trivialized in a title. The artist himself, when he creates, perceives the flow of his existence: in a sort of conscious "trance" he carries on the canvas what he feels at that moment of absolute abstraction from the surrounding reality, managing to give his surreastratti paintings a double vision, simply by rotating the work of 180 . Existence, life, for the artist is the painting itself. Il dipinto rappresenta lesistenza, che non puo essere catalogata, banalizzata in un titolo. Lartista stesso nel momento in cui crea percepisce lo scorrere della sua esistenza: in una sorta di trance cosciente esso trasporta sulla tela ci che sente in quel momento di assoluta astrazione dalla realt circostante, riuscendo a dare ai suoi dipinti surreastratti una duplice visione, semplicemente ruotando lopera di 180. Lesistenza, la vita, per lartista il dipinto stesso.


abstract color mix notext shaded warm colors blood black and white art black white visual arts drawing modern art acrylic paint artwork red illustration design tree pattern cool


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