Artwork No. 1619

Primizie - Beginnings



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Acrylic on Paper


11 X 15 inch

Crafted Date

Aug. 5, 2017

Acrylic on Paper (11 X 15 inch)

Crafted on Aug. 5, 2017



This price will rise, Why?

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Artist's description: Forse volevo mostrare il primo inizio della vita, dopo la grande luce bianca, c'era materia, e cos i colori ... lo volevo molto lucido. Sperando che ti piacer. Pittura colorata acrilica dell'artista francese. Certificato di autenticit. Dati e firmati sul retro. /// Maybe I wanted to show the first beginning of life, after the white big light, there was matter, and so colours... I wanted it very shiny. Hoping you'll like it. Acrylic coloured painting by french artist. Certificate of authenticity. Dated and signed on the back.


abstract color mix notext shaded warm colors old gray art painting paint visual arts dark blue modern art acrylic paint artwork watercolor paint light blue child art yellow pop art trendy cold_colors colorful strong_contrast bright color blurry fauvism


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