Artwork No. 5426




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Oil on Canvas


36 X 24 inch

Crafted Date

March 23, 2019

Oil on Canvas (36 X 24 inch)

Crafted on March 23, 2019



This price will rise, Why?

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Artist's description: Hello, I've had some time off painting commissions for the past few months. This work is a return to the London works I love so much. This is a photorealistic image of a view from a bus window on a rainy day in autumnal London. The painting has been worked in several wash layers to generate the blurred and indistinct image beyond the glass. I have used cool blues and purples to build up the background and bright orange in the foreground in contrast. enjoy xx


city car figurative notext defined cold colors sadness gray black relax cold_colors colorful strong_contrast most_collected
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