Artwork No. 10422

Love Is A Flower We Got To Let It Grow



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Acrylic on Canvas


20 X 16 inch

Crafted Date

July 8, 2020

Acrylic on Canvas (20 X 16 inch)

Crafted on July 8, 2020



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Artist's description: Love is a flower we got to let it grow - Gerbera, Carnation, Pink Lily and Button Pom Green chrysanthemum By HSIN LIN 08/07/2020 40.6 x 50.8 X 1.5 cm Acrylic on Acid free Gesso primed Canvas. Side panels painted Black. D-rings and wire attached at the back. Signed at front and ready to hang. Affirmation: Be gentle to yourself and the others, be humbled to the world. This artwork was inspired by a beautiful bouquet gifted by a dear friend of mine in a very special occasion. A magnificent floral combination of Gerbera, Carnation, Pink Lily and Button Pom Green chrysanthemum. I wanted to keep this meaningful gift in my memory forever, therefore I decided to froze the glorious blooming moment on Canvas. A Salute to the beautiful friendship that we have. Do you have someone that you really care about? May be share this artwork with that special someone and say I love you today. Chrysanthemum Green Button Pompon symbolize hope and Cheerfulness; also known as the Birth flower for November. Carnation symbolize Love, Fascination and Distinction. Pink lilies stand for admiration and femininity. Gerbera have a few meanings, but all lean-to happiness. The flowers symbolized happiness and gratefulness for the life you have been given. They are a celebration of life. The Egyptian believed that the gerbera would lessen the sorrows and stresses of everyday life in the old days. It also has a meaning of closeness to nature and devotion to the sun. Gerbera Daisies are strong perennial plants with a delightful flowers message too - Let happiness be your compass. -WILD BOTANICAL ABSTRACT SERIES 2020 by H.Lin- Artwork inspired by nature in Bayswater, Melbourne, Winter, 2020. -HSIN LIN


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