Artwork No. 3870

Forgive Me I Can Not Stay ' Wild Grass Seed



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Acrylic on Canvas


20 X 16 inch

Crafted Date

Oct. 5, 2018

Acrylic on Canvas (20 X 16 inch)

Crafted on Oct. 5, 2018



This price will rise, Why?

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Artist's description: Inspired by the most common weed grass seeds, thinking of a old friendship of mine. I always remember the first word we've spoke, the happy time we've spent, and how we apart due to different life choice. Someone that lives in you memory forever, you may or may not meet this person again, but it makes you smile whenever you think of them . The Affirmation of this painting is also a thing that person taught me. To be able to move on, we will need to learn to let things go. The object in this painting is also my favorite type of weed grass. They only flower in spring with a cute flare of white skirt, swinging with wind happily, which is also my favorite scene in spring. It reminds me the beauty ,the vitality and the simplicity of life.


figurative notext medium warm colors nature-related grass gray painting flower flora grass family plant wildflower flowering plant spring botany sedge family plantago


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