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Lay Low Aim High' Agapanthus



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Acrylic on Canvas


24 X 12 inch

Crafted Date

Dec. 13, 2018

Acrylic on Canvas (24 X 12 inch)

Crafted on Dec. 13, 2018



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Artist's description: LAY LOW, AIM HIGH. -Agapanthus - 30.5 X 61 X 3 cm , Ready to hang with D-rings and wire attached at the back. 13/Dec/ 2018. Artist Acrylic on Acid free canvas, Sealed with clear spray varnish. Signed at front, sides painted Dark Grey. Comes with certificate of authenticity. The name Agapanthus comes from the Greek agap, meaning love, and anthos, meaning flower, translating broadly as the flower of love. The wild flower offer us its amazing colour. I've got a bunch of Agapanthus from our neighbor two years ago. They were getting rid of them because they were having a new landscape project and considered Agapanthus as weeds. I took over the plants happily as they are one of my favorite flower and planted them gratefully at my front yard. I've waited and waited , finally they bloom beautifully in striking purple this summer. I painted the first few blooms to salute to the most beautiful flower of summer. This evergreen plant looked humbled in all seasons , but it blooms tall and gloriously when it comes to flowering season. That's why I have the title for this particular artwork- LAY LOW, AIM HIGH. Also the affirmation for this painting is - Stay humbled , stay hopeful. Artwork inspired by nature in Bayswater, Melbourne, Victoria, Summer 2018. -Bloom like flowers series- by HSIN LIN. This portrait painting is in a elegant colour palette and would look prefect on any bright colour wall, suitable for reading room, lounge room or entrance hall.


figurative notext shaded warm colors sadness flower flora lilac plant flowering plant plant stem lavender purple botany perennial plant


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