Artwork No. 9383

Forever Be My Always



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Acrylic on Canvas


20 X 16 inch

Crafted Date

Feb. 24, 2020

Acrylic on Canvas (20 X 16 inch)

Crafted on Feb. 24, 2020



This price will rise, Why?

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Artist's description: Forever Be My Always - Gumnuts, Banksia baxteri and Leucadendron By HSIN LIN 24/02/2020 40.6 x 50.8 X 1.5 cm Acrylic on Acid free Gesso primed Canvas Ready to hang Side panel painted: Green to match. Affirmation Everything changes in this world but you. It's Banksia's season again and I kept seeing these beauties in the market, couldn't help to bring them back home whenever I see them. It's a wonderful object to study, to paint and I especially love the spiritual meaning of it. Some species of Banksia protect their seeds inside follicles while simultaneously opening up when experiencing fire. It reminds me that we shall never give up no matter what kind of difficulty we encounter in life. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Banksia also symbolizes rebirth and new beginnings. Gumnut stands for healing and protection in the artwork. The term eucalypt originally meaning well (eu) covered (calyptos). Banksia baxteri, member of the family Proteaceae, also known as 'Baxter's Banksia' and 'Bird's Nest Banksia'. It is endemic to Western Australia. Flowering occurs mid-Summer to Autumn continue until well into May. Leucadendron, native to Australia and South Africa, are often used to convey an appreciation for simplicity in life. The blossoms are uncomplicated and have a simple appearance to them. They may be used alone or paired with dark green foliage for bouquets. Simple beauty is one of the most popular meanings for this bloom. Artwork inspired by nature in Bayswater, Melbourne, Victoria, End of Summer, 2020. -HSIN LIN - WILD BOTANICAL ABSTRACT SERIES 2020 BY HSIN LIN- Enjoy the step by step time lapse video of this artwork please visit : https://youtu.be/c8nTOQiugNk


nature-related flowers flower flora wildflower nature vegetation flower bouquet cold_colors
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