Artwork No. 3159

Suspended Humanity



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Oil on Canvas


39 X 27 inch

Crafted Date

June 17, 2018

Oil on Canvas (39 X 27 inch)

Crafted on June 17, 2018



This price will rise, Why?

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Artist's description: I think, everybody is trying to find its way in this complicated world. World can be hard, heavy, dangerous and everybody has to find its own equlibrium. Somebody finds it simple, others have to strive more to bear the burden of responsability. But within the world is also beauty, and everybody can be saved and reinforced by it as well as by the relationship with some loved people. I tryied to translate this concept in a picture which I hope you appreciate.


man woman figurative notext medium warm colors naked leaves gray art painting paint white visual arts modern art acrylic paint artwork illustration line mural angle diagram parallel


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