Artwork No. 4324

The Poisoned Vine Breeds A Finer Wine



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Mixed on Canvas


29 X 40 inch

Crafted Date

Nov. 20, 2018

Mixed on Canvas (29 X 40 inch)

Crafted on Nov. 20, 2018



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Artist's description: This painting belongs to a series of brutalist cityscapes/mindscapes, the colourful lyrical skies represent collective dreams and desires drifting and sparkling above a concrete city jungle. A tribute to the colourful power of imagination as a relief from our everyday life urban grayness but also to the challenges and inputs to self-discovery that life in the big city can expose to. Acrylic, oil and collage on canvas.


city abstract color mix figurative notext medium warm colors happiness painting watercolor paint sky energy horizon afterglow daytime cityscape skyline skyscraper architecture human settlement


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