Artwork No. 5747

Lost Man



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Acrylic on Canvas - Carton


45 X 29 inch

Crafted Date

Sept. 20, 2018

Acrylic on Canvas - Carton (45 X 29 inch)

Crafted on Sept. 20, 2018



This price will rise, Why?

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Artist's description: This work of art shows a person who has apparently lost every reference to his life. He is falling into the empty darkness and it seems to be his last way out. Maybe he is suicidal, but there is also a little bit of something bright shining Blue in the right corner. He is looking at it, so maybe this is his chance to get out of his Dilemma and he acomplishes to get back on his feet again.


man figurative notext indefinite anger fear contrast black light brown red dark color colorful
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