Artwork No. 7848

Hostal Es Port In Soller



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Oil on Canvas - Carton


10 X 14 inch

Crafted Date

July 20, 2007

Oil on Canvas - Carton (10 X 14 inch)

Crafted on July 20, 2007



This price will rise, Why?

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Artist's description: This is the entrance path to the lovely Hostal Es Port in Soller, Majorca. We stayed there in winter to escape the cold weather in the U.K. We were not disappointed. The hotel gardens are charming and there is a tennis court on which we played. Inside the building it is cosy and warm for the evenings. Outside, during the day, it is fresh and fragrant with exotic plants which I tried to capture here.


figurative notext warm colors wildlife landscape blurry
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