Artwork No. 7616

Gironzolando In Una Fresca Serata Estiva



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Crayon on Paper


16 X 12 inch

Crafted Date

Oct. 13, 2019

Crayon on Paper (16 X 12 inch)

Crafted on Oct. 13, 2019



This price will rise, Why?

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Artist's description: ENG . We are going trough this countryside pathway, that reflects the colours of the sunset after an estival thunderstorm, the clouds are going away already light and colourful at the horizon, the fields are invigorated and the wood appears full of life . ITA . Percorriamo il sentiero di campagna, che riflette i colori del tramonto dopo un temporale estivo, le nuvole si allontanano ormai leggere e colorate all'orizzonte, i campi sono rinvigoriti ed il bosco appare pieno di vita .


figurative notext warm colors black light brown light blue colorful strong_contrast blurry countryside_
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