Artwork No. 8526

Blossoming Beauty



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Acrylic on Canvas


31 X 23 inch

Crafted Date

Dec. 10, 2017

Acrylic on Canvas (31 X 23 inch)

Crafted on Dec. 10, 2017



This price will rise, Why?

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Artist's description: Blooming beauty sometimes we dream that our destiny is complete, but we discover that we have been going against the current, in which period of time should we weave our dreams and where are we going? sometimes we form dreams that are not ours from the beginning...we give it our tears and joys. but it doesn't bear fruits it is no more than a sterile trees that plant their roots deeply in our soul, so we have to uproot and simply deny it to the urgent autumn...kindness to the dreamers, fate !! we deserve to bloom..we deserve pure happiness free from impurities specular and shiny just like everything new..


notext indefinite abstract concept material monochrome
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