Artwork No. 8680




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Acrylic on Canvas


31 X 23 inch

Crafted Date

Feb. 16, 2019

Acrylic on Canvas (31 X 23 inch)

Crafted on Feb. 16, 2019



This price will rise, Why?

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Artist's description: Blindfolded, I walk towards my unknown destiny, happy and reassured that there is a better tomorrow , in my mind spring blooms the most precious flowers , I see butterflies and jasmine despite the hype and the obstacles. There in my imagination hanging gardens are built and over the high mountains there is a beautiful palace for me .. jasmine breeze and bird's singing are everywhere.. Beautiful summer nights.. heavy winter rain and Autumn leaves falling for new flowers.. I can see happiness in my mirror like four seasons all going in seconds.. our dreams are as delicate as young flowers, patience is a path to walk for a happy ending and when I'll open my eyes to the truth I'll see everything singing with joy.. This peace of art is inspired by "the bird box" movie the concept is showing the worthy end behind all patience , I spend more than 200 hours creating more than 360 hand made and painted flowers and butterflies all placed around , in the middle you see a model made with acrylic and silicone representing the actors "fighters" with the blindfold .


human shape flower tree leaf
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