Artwork No. 2860

Gold Valley



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Mixed on Wood


41 X 75 inch

Crafted Date

Dec. 6, 2017

Mixed on Wood (41 X 75 inch)

Crafted on Dec. 6, 2017



This price will rise, Why?

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Artist's description: Chasing Rainbows is all about color and joy! The works are created to inspire others to feel happiness and be stimulated by the colors that are so clearly part of the magic of everything we can experience. I work with the rainbow specifically for its incredible nature. Within the structure of color is frequency. These frequencies can be translated and directly or indirectly relate to almost every aspect of how humanity exists today. The rainbow and its color show humanity the way and hidden within is an understanding of the deepest architecture of existence. Can you see deep into the rainbow? Love Is The Solution! Enjoy, The #Loveist


abstract color mix notext shaded warm colors happiness amazement art painting paint visual arts modern art acrylic paint watercolor paint graphic design computer wallpaper line energy yellow graphics gay pride most collected emotional most viewed colorfulness


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