Artwork No. 5640

Not All Gold Glitters



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Oil on Canvas


9 X 12 inch

Crafted Date

Jan. 1, 2019

Oil on Canvas (9 X 12 inch)

Crafted on Jan. 1, 2019



This price will rise, Why?

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Artist's description: Not all gold glitters by Mansur Boybekov. How to make a fortune and at the same time love your job? The question here is the answer! To make a fortune you need to love your job! Dear reader, you probably know many stories of rich and successful people. And you know that even when their condition guarantees a comfortable life for them and several other generations of their descendants, they do not give up work, but continue with even greater zeal. Does this mean that the main motivation for them is not money, but love for their work? But what do they mean by "love" for their work? Most likely not just getting pleasure. Love is the strongest feeling in the world. Love should inflame a passion for their work, which will make you improve your skills at night, read book after book, absorbing knowledge like a sponge and give up all temptations for the sake of success in your business. As for me, the love of their work is similar to the love of another person. You're ready to do for him, anything, you do not feel sorry for anything. You are ready to devote to him all the time. But if a person can sometimes not reciprocate you, your work, with this approach, will certainly bring success! All this is perfectly familiar to you, dear reader. Let my picture serve as a reminder of how you came to understand this and what led you to success.


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