Artwork No. 5647

The Unplowed Land



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Oil on Canvas


11 X 19 inch

Crafted Date

Jan. 1, 2019

Oil on Canvas (11 X 19 inch)

Crafted on Jan. 1, 2019



This price will rise, Why?

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Artist's description: Impact on health. Scientists have long established that certain colors and shapes of objects and images have a great impact on a persons emotional health. In a sense, this is due to unconscious associations. In the picture The unplowed land I used colors and shapes that are designed to make a positive impact on your health. The painting The unplowed land is made with bright pure colors. Consider their effects on health separately. Deep blue color at the very top of the picture is associated with a clear sky. The effect of blue has been well studied. This color has a calming effect, eliminates negative thoughts and immerses a person in a kind of dreamy and meditative state. Green color is associated with life, purity, youth and novelty. The rich green color in the painting The unplowed land is designed to raise the mood of the beholder. Shades of yellow enhance the ability of green to improve mood. Brown is associated with land and new beginnings. Brown calms and adjusts to work. Contemplating the brown color is much easier to tune in to the implementation of their plans. . An Idea. We are often told and shown about people who have achieved great success. But we always see only the results of their work, but not how they came to this. Perhaps these details are silent for what would be the wealth and luxurious life seemed to us even more attractive. But as for me, the path to success is often more joyful and more interesting than the moment of achieving the goal. You, dear reader, have certainly gone all the way full of adventures on the way to your success. Let the picture The unplowed land remind you of the brightest moments on your way. . In Interior. The painting The unplowed land is painted by a professional artist on a high-quality synthetic canvas with acrylic paints. The picture is of medium size and painted in the most fashionable abstract technology. Thanks to this, the picture The unplowed land fits into any interior. The picture will undoubtedly attract the attention of your guests and emphasize your individuality. All modern designers insist on the availability of paintings in the interior as soon as the picture can give the interior completeness and endow with a unique character. And also you should not forget that the picture The unplowed land is unique - no one has a second one and, therefore, the picture is the subject of a cut. With your presence, the painting The unplowed land will make your interior truly luxurious.


contrast black light brown dark blue sky energy atmosphere yellow pop art green cold_colors colorful still_life abstract_concept light_blue visual_arts dark_green
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