Artwork No. 5648

Structure Your Mind



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Oil on Canvas


11 X 19 inch

Crafted Date

Jan. 1, 2019

Oil on Canvas (11 X 19 inch)

Crafted on Jan. 1, 2019



This price will rise, Why?

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Artist's description: Impact on health. Scientists have long established that certain colors and shapes of objects and images have a great impact on a persons emotional health. In a sense, this is due to unconscious associations. In the picture Structure your mind I used colors and shapes that are designed to most positively affect your health. In the picture there are many different shades of yellow, red, blue and pink. Smears in the picture differ in shape and size. This is done in order to distribute your attention to many different parts at the same time. When this happens, the brain is overloaded and instantly gets rid of all unnecessary and disturbing thoughts. This means that you can easily concentrate on anything after viewing the picture Structure your mind. . An Idea. I believe that a person who clearly knows his goal and with all his soul who wants to achieve it is impossible to stop. There are many examples in History when goal-oriented people literally did the impossible. A truly purposeful person transforms or destroys all obstacles in his path, and from some even gains some benefit. For a man, truly nothing is impossible. You, dear reader, have achieved success, and I am sure you have had to overcome many obstacles for this. Let my picture Through all obstacles serve as a reminder of your great achievements! . In the interior. The painting Structure your mind is painted by a professional artist on a high-quality synthetic canvas with acrylic paints. The picture is of medium size and painted in the most fashionable abstract technology. Thanks to this, the picture Structure your mind fits into any interior. The picture will undoubtedly attract the attention of your guests and emphasize your individuality. All modern designers insist on the availability of paintings in the interior as soon as the picture can give the interior completeness and endow with a unique character. And also you should not forget that the picture Structure your mind is unique - no one has a second one and, therefore, the picture is the subject of a cut. With your presence, the painting Structure your mind will make your interior truly luxurious.


contrast black light brown energy yellow trendy colorful blurry fauvism abstract_color_mix impressionism
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