Artwork No. 5669

Happiness Is Very Close



This price will rise, Why?


Oil on Canvas


16 X 22 inch

Crafted Date

Jan. 1, 2019

Oil on Canvas (16 X 22 inch)

Crafted on Jan. 1, 2019



This price will rise, Why?

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Artist's description: Effect on mood and health. As you know colors have a strong influence on a person. Visual information makes up to 90% of all information processed by the brain. There are even generally accepted methods of treatment using color-color therapy. Creating the picture Happiness is very close I used colors and shapes that positively affect the health and mood of the beholder. The picture Keep calm in the chaos of today is very bright and positive. There are many pure colors in it. Let's look at how these colors affect health and mood. The central place in the picture takes a bright yellow color. First of all, yellow color is famous for its ability to improve mood. We all know how our mood improves in bright sunny weather. It is by association with the sun that the positive effect of the yellow color is caused. Also almost in the center is a rich red color. This color has one of the strongest impacts as it is located in the extreme part of the spectrum. Red color energizes and speeds up the pulse. Blue color is associated with endless space and clear sky. This color immerses you in a slightly dreamy state. All these colors together form the picture Keep calm in the chaos of today and have a positive effect on your mood by tuning in productivity and achievement of goals. Enjoy watching the painting Happiness is very close and let it improve your mood and health. . A modern successful person has so many things to do that we almost don't notice what's around. Literally we do not see the present, but only the future. We live for the result, not for the process. But the result will always be in the future, and the present will become the past and will be lost forever. We must try to stop and look around. The breakthrough process of achieving the goal is more pleasant than the goal itself. . In Interior. The picture Happiness is very close has an average size that allows you to hang it in any room. The picture will attract the attention of your guests, and emphasize your individuality. As you know, paintings are the best solution to bring more comfort and warmth to the interior. Your interior will not be complete without pictures. The painting Happiness is very close was made by a professional artist with oil paints on natural canvas. Just do not forget that the paintings are primarily a luxury item and Happiness is very close will undoubtedly make your interior truly luxurious.


fish sea water light blue yellow animals swimming colorful warm_colors abstract_color_mix
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