Artwork No. 10963

Cat'S Paw



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Acrylic on Canvas


19 X 23 inch

Crafted Date

July 30, 2020

Acrylic on Canvas (19 X 23 inch)

Crafted on July 30, 2020



This price will rise, Why?

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Artist's description: Very cute yellow accented painting. It is really fine. Very beautiful. It is participating in exhibition and will be available for the shipping after 30.10.2020. I painted cat's paw there - can you find it? Beautiful for living room or even dorm room. Will be also great for children room or as an expensive present. Work is done with huge inspiration and accuracy. Lots of details. Acrylic on stretched canvas, ready to hang. Signed and does not need a frame. It is covered with transparent acrylic spray to protect work and bring out colors. This work is positive, good for health, motivating, a bit psychedelic, quirky, interesting and uplifting. If you have depression - it is the best cure to have your mind freshen up and motivated. It is also inspiring for creating and brings ideas, stimulating your brain when you look at it. It is my most expensive work at the moment. It is really beautiful.

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