Artwork No. 3889

Rumpelstiltskin'S Haze



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Mixed on Stone


31 X 55 inch

Crafted Date

Oct. 7, 2018

Mixed on Stone (31 X 55 inch)

Crafted on Oct. 7, 2018



This price will rise, Why?

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Artist's description: D o n ‘ t e v e n a s k ... S e e a n d f e e l w h a t y o u w a n t. A different thinking and another point of view makes us so different from one to another, or? ”OUR WORLD” - a concrete jungle full of everything and at the same time full of nothing. When this mess gets you confused... Don’t forget: TRUST YOUR INNER STRENGTH FREE YOUR REAL SELF FROM THE HOLLOW FIND OUT WHERE ARE YOUR STRAIGHT LINES IN THE MADNESS CHOOSE AND CONTROL YOUR WAYS * Abstract painting on a concrete block * ..Just like our world in the concrete jungle... Take a good look at the artwork and the way it is realized. Possible you can understand that that ”double sin advises ” are a metaphorical way to make you understand my meaning together with why the colours are in that way and why I mixed the techniques. W h a t d o y o u, S e e a n d f e el, A b o u t “ Rumpelstiltskin’s Hase ” ? Romina PSky Design


Abstract Color mix NoText Medium Warm colors Square Gray Black rectangle liquid


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