10 December 2020

On the First Day of Christmas Artupia Gave to Me…

Anna Harvey

It’s that time of the year again! Carol singing, eggnog-swigging, last-minute-present-buying…To avoid panic-buying your aunt another pair of socks with dachshunds on them, here are twelve artworks set to the seasonal tune of this popular Christmas carol.

On the first day of Christmas Artupia gave to me…

Two turtle doves

Why settle for two doves when you can have seven?

Dayse Pontes sought to capture the ethereal nature of childhood in her painting, that dreamy escapism that can only be found at a tender age. 


Dayse Pontes, Entre Primos e Pombos

 Three French hens


Jean-Jacques Ostier, Coq Vers Le Lointain 

The sfumato, golden background reflects the rising sun as the early cockerel catches the worm.

He is usually accompanied by the three French hens, but you know, social distancing...

Four calling birds

This particular piece harks back to when the UK clapped for the NHS every Thursday, and when Italians sang opera from their balconies.

We know you're not feeling particularly chirpy (pun very much intended) this year, but it's always worth remembering the sense of community social distancing ironically created during the pandemic. 


Marina Liberati, Albero di Natale



Amanda Burkovski, Portrait of Faith Ringgold 

Tributes to the Harlem-born artist are always welcome, and this year in particular, she has shown an admirable level of strength and resilience. After the loss of her husband and a global pandemic, Faith Ringgold found herself creatively blocked and motivation drastically waning. A keen activist, Ringgold sought inspiration from the game changers around her, watching the Black Lives Matter protests ripple across the world like a tropical wave.

Ringgold took her pain and poured it onto canvas, using her artistic prowess to keep her 
“eyes wide open" so she can "find a point of view on all this" and capture "the inspiration that can help [her] inspire others.”

Six geese a-laying

Elena Galimberti has combined a pop art palette with a De Stijl composition to bring a poultry-take on the worlds of Warhol and Mondrian. 

This beautiful, large-scale painting would instantly brighten up any interior, and you can impress your guests by reeling off all the artists and movements that inspired Galimberti's painting! 


Elena Galimberti, Il Volo

Seven swans a-swimming


Irina Pestina, Il Cigno Bianco

This inspired piece was created using torn up magazines, to produce a textural, collage finish.

We particularly love how the strips of newspaper allude to the swan's delicate feathers, whilst the overall choice of medium is particularly apt for today's dilemma of fake news and the over-disemination of information. 

Eight ‘maids’ a-milking their status as strong independent women

Antonio Spanedda sought to capture what the fourth wave of feminism entailed in his painting. Starting in 2012, the fourth wave is guided by the concept of intersectionality, a term founded by Kimberlé Crenshaw, an American law professor  in 1989.

Through the use of the internet, intersectional feminism aims to amplify the voices of women experiencing overlapping forms of oppression (racism, poverty, religion), unpacking these inequalities in order to work towards a feminism that is wholly inclusive of all women, worldwide. 

Eight ‘maids’ a-milking their status ...

Antonio Spanedda, Frau

Nine ladies dancing at home because clubs are shut


Itala Gasparini, Relazioni

With the rise of Tik-Tok challenges that have infiltrated our screens, many of us have attempted to limber up over the lockdown period to see if a future in dance is possible (it isn't).

Why not transform your home into your very own night club this festive season? No entry fee, drinks are free, and no queue for the loo, it's a win-win!

Ten lords a-leaping into your DMs

Self-isolating is challenging for many reasons: working from home when your favourite Netflix series is inches away, finding the motivation to work out from home instead of eating crisps, remembering to wash your hair... Most of difficult, however, is the lack of intimacy we've had to endure this year. We have literally been banned from touching each other, leaving many of us scrolling wishfully on Tinder and FaceTiming ex partners just in case...

Why not adorn your wall with a tasteful nude? We're not saying your only hope is to marry a painting, but it will bring and air of intimacy and body positive vibes to your walls! 


Stefano Pallara, What We Resist Will Persist

Eleven pipers piping


Lidia Dell'Ajra Mengoli, L'Arlecchino Blu

This year has undoubtedly been stressful, and when it comes to managing stress, many have been forced into finding new methods that work whilst in the confines of their home. Looking at art has, and continues to be, a very effective means of calming the mind due to its effect on the brain. When looking at a painting, our brains attempt to 'unpack' the image, whilst the colours use are loaded with emotional value.

So why not let yourself be whisked away into the calming blue of Lidia Dell'Ajra Mengoli's canvas, because after this year, you deserve it.

Twelve drummers drumming 

The world might have slowed this year, but culture certainly hasn't. Musicians, artists and writers continued to replenish our cracked souls with song, painting and literature. 

If 2020 has taught us anything it's the value of patience and the arts; because without them what would our world be?


Vida Byfuglien, Nightrocker 



Custom Painting Created by Alice Fois

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