5 Super Famous Offices that Motivate their Workers with Art

Successful offices all have one thing in common: motivation. The ambition behind a company like Apple, Google, Facebook or Amazon isn’t just written in the code, but the design, utilizing the power of creativity to create microcosms of unyielding potential.

These scopious worlds want to engage, inspire and liberate employees, seeking to illustrate their mindset through cosmic structures, geotic Ardacias or minimalist havens.

1. Facebook

For years social media mogul, Mark Zuckerberg, has been inviting local artists to paint their perception of the world on the walls of his Facebook offices around the world.

Through celebrating art, and more specifically local art, Facebook celebrates the very core values of the company; staying connected, establishing community, and honouring creativity. 


Alan Turing in Dominos, by Connor Wright for St. Louis Office

Artupia boasts over 10,000 artists on its platform, hailing from over 30 countries, and has helped global brands like Melia International and Disney, communicate not only their identity through art but that of their environment. Want to know more on how we can help you inspire through art? Click here.

2. Slack


Slack HQ in San Francisco 

Messaging platform, Slack, took the mural-route when transforming their offices into inspiring sanctuaries. 

Inspired by the nature that surrounds their offices, the tech giants wanted to convey the magic of the Pacific Northwest through art, creating soothing seascapes that capture the scintillating American coastline for their workers.

Artupia works with local street artists to also provide murals to companies, allowing corporations to communicate their vision on their walls and capture a visual story of their goal.

3. Digital Luxury Group

The Swiss company sought elegance and sophistication for their Geneva-based office, drawing on the power of simplicity in both their design and choice of artwork.

The blue hues and delicate pinks complement the minimalist collection they adorn their walls with. 


Digital Luxury Group Office in Geneva

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4. Google


Google HQ in Madrid

When it comes to iconic office spaces, few companies do it better than Google. Not only are the search engine headquarters unique, friendly, and captivating, but also highly personal; incorporating personality from its surroundings and culture.

The Google HQ in Madrid celebrates Iberian identity with not only its choice of timber but artist, recruiting local talent to promote both productivity and character.

Artupia’s Custom Painting service allows companies to create highly-personalized artworks to depict brand image and corporate values. Artupia also offers branding services such as logo design, to render company aesthetic and interior design cohesive, approachable, and professional. 

5. Pipedrive

The software company adorned the walls of their Prague office with monochromatic murals, emphasising their company values of transparency, focus, but also entertainment.

The urban nature of the design underlines the relaxed and playful undertone of the company, celebrating the aytipical through both furniture and artwork.


Pipedrive Office in Prague

Check out Artupia’s monochromatic masterpieces here.

If your office space lacks personality, or doesn’t quite capture your story, don’t hesitate to get in touch! Simply click the button below to start your art journey.  

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