50 Years of Earth Day: What Art Taught Us About Climate Change

Today marks Earth Day’s 50th anniversary, where the annual event usually gathers up to a billion people worldwide through eco-initiatives. After a catastrophic oil spill in America in 1970, our mistreatment of the world left an oleaginous mark on public consciousness. Political and cultural differences took a step back and humanity united to combat the destruction of our home. 

Earth Day 2020

This year, however, things are a little different (albeit slightly better on an environmental level, given the sudden decrease in human activity worldwide). As the coronavirus pandemic sweeps across the world, protests have gone digital, with many taking to social media to rise up against the global climate crisis. Although we’d love to be out on the frontline campaigning for a greener planet, we have decided to use this day to plan and reflect on how we as a company can be greener. 


Elena Lucca, The Most Beautiful Landscape in the World

Make Art, Not Pollution 

Last year we hosted an enchanting, live painting event with fellow Milan startup, BOOM Image Studio. Our artist, Emiliano Cavalli, painted a Popart-inspired, underwater world to raise awareness of rising sea levels. The 2 x 3 metre painting was complete with a netted curtain, adorned with plastic bottles caught in its nefarious grasp, transforming Cavalli’s marine painting into a political installation against plastic pollution.  


The Artupia Team in Front of Cavalli’s Work at the #MakeArtNotPollution Event

Why Use Art?

Art has the unique power to speak to people on a personal level, in a language understood by everyone. Environmental and conceptual artists use creativity to rewrite the narrative of humans’ relationship with nature. Apple have even jumped on the creativity bandwagon, using the power of visual language (and Meryl Streep’s soothing tones) in their Earth Day-inspired short film, ‘Here We Are: Notes for Living on Planet Earth.’


Stefano Pallara, Wondering Heights 

Even though we can’t be out there painting our way to a green revolution, we’ll soon be back in the arena stronger than ever.

Pay Tribute to the Earth!


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