App release: Artupia 6.0 is nothing like previous versions

While the world was facing a worldwide pandemic, our developers and UX designer were locked home working really hard on Artupia 6.0. After months of research, customers feedback and funnel experiments, we can now release our last baby: Artupia 6.0.

So, why are you going to love Artupia 6.0?


Clearer experience

The first significant change in Artupia 6.0 is that we divided the Discover and the Search experience in two separate tabs. We did this cause we wanted to empower much more the artistry of our artists and promote the modern and accurate side of Art through featured paintings selections that will now be displayed on the Discover tab.

The Search will be… well to search for paintings. We spent a lot of time working on our tags system to make the Search as accurate as possible. With the integration of machine learning, you can now experience a much faster and more relevant search, which allows more filtering and sorting options. On top of that, you will be able to see a cleaner interface while searching.



Art has many chapters

Time is a valuable asset in this digital era, and we want you to be able to browse as many paintings as possible in a short period of time. With the new interface of Painting Details, you can browse through Original Paintings with a much smoother experience, as the new UI allows you to swipe left/right to discover other paintings just like reading a book.


Take the lead and create!

Ordering a Custom Painting is a creative process — it takes inspiration. Therefore we included a portfolio of completed Custom Paintings and a section dedicated to showcasing some popular scenarios. In addition, we now provide recommendations of the best artists for your project based on your budget and style preferences, while still providing the possibility to freely explore the many choices of artists! Furthermore, since we are confident with the quality of our product and the talent of our artists, we now provide the option for you to pay an initial 10% deposit, the remaining 90% will be requested only after the painting has been completed and is ready to be shipped, providing you an extra layer of security.

Artboard (1).png


Developers wanted me to add that…

Painting data is downloaded and saved locally with the integration of Core Data as well as being indexed with Core Spotlight, users will be able to go directly into Painting Details of a painting through Spotlight.


We’d like to thank you for your support and constructive feedback! Our mission is to make Art accessible to the most and we’re always delighted when we see our users collecting unique pieces of Art, or creating Custom Paintings. At Artupia, we’re sure you’ll find something you like because we’re here to provide Art For You.

So what are you waiting for?

Download Artupia 6.0

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