App Update: Artupia 6.5 Combines Innovation and Accessibility

Back in July, Apple fiends across the world gathered around their screens to watch Tim Cook and co. unveil the much-anticipated features of the world-favourite, fruit-based brand. WWDC 2020 provided a fresh perspective in not only being completely online, but with its introduction of iOS 14 which looks brand new and yet, feels like home.

If you haven’t already, then we certainly recommend downloading the iOS 14 update on your compatible iPhone (back to the iPhone 6s, so if you’re a small-screen-stan like me, it’s all good). This way, you can access exciting new features like App Clips and Widgets to break up the monotony of the homescreen grids, and even test out our swanky AR feature at the touch of a button. 

So friends, what’s new in Artupia 6.5 and what does it have to do with the iOS 14 update?

What in the world is a Widget?

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A widget allows you to stay up to date with content from your favourite app without opening it. Available in small, medium and large sizes, the widget adapts to the differing hours of the day, updating content accordingly. Artupia 6.5 has relished in this new feature, adorning home screens throughout the day with vibrant, inspiring and visually captivating material to add a much needed dose of art to your day.

As the sun rises and sets, you can witness the greatness of our favourite painting selections, immerse yourself in mesmerizing stories behind paintings, celebrate our featured artist, or treat yourself to our Painting of the Day.

Now for those App Clips 

An App Clip allows you to access an app without having to download it, and pops up at the bottom of your screen via a nifty card. 

Have you ever wanted to buy a painting online but couldn’t envision it in your home? Well, friends, now you can and it’s easier than ever.

Utilising the App Clip, we implemented our AR feature to be showcased, allowing users to try out multiple paintings on their wall before they purchase them.

If this wasn’t enough then get this: we even enabled the Buy with Apple Pay feature from inside the App Clip, meaning users can try out an artwork and then purchase it in just a few taps.


You can’t spell Art without AR

AR.jpg AR2.jpg

In order to really enhance the AR experience, we also reworked the popular Artupia feature to provide a cleaner, tidier and generally smoother user interface.

So what are you waiting for?

Download Artupia 6.5!

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