[AR]T – the new Art experience by Apple

On the 10th of August, Apple, in collaboration with the New Museum of Contemporary Art (New-York), released its last innovation: [AR]T – Art in Augmented Reality in six big cities around the world.

If there’s one thing we can’t deny at Artupia is our love for Apple products. We literally all have an iPhone (except one person in the team, but I won’t reveal his/her name), some of us even have the Apple watch, we work on Mac, and brainstorm on iPads. So, when we heard about the [AR]T initiative we were of course super excited.

Designed by Today at Apple, [AR]T is a new collaboration developed in partnership with the New Museum of Contemporary Art. It brings together curators, videomakers, educators, and local artists to “push the creative potential of augmented reality”.

[AR]T allows local artists to showcase their talents in six cities around the world, displaying their Art through AR, just like an open-air virtual exhibit! Already available on the App Store, [AR]T aims to offer its users an artistic walk around the city.


How does it work?


The concept of the [AR]T walk is really simple: starting from one Apple Store in Paris, San Francisco, New-York, London, Hong-Kong or Tokyo, a group of ten people, iPhone in their hand and earphones into their ears, walk down the streets for two hours following a path where they’ll be able to enjoy contemporary Art from local artists. If you live in one of these locations, or you are traveling, you can simply register for the tour on their website. It’s free! We’ll be super happy to hear about your experience!


An app that brings together Art and augmented reality… sounds familiar.


Yes exactly! That’s why at Artupia we love this new Apple initiative. In fact, one of our aspects at Artupia is empowering Art through augmented reality, allowing our users to display their selected masterpieces directly on their walls. Jut like an Art gallery in your pocket, Artupia’s AR feature enables you to share unique pieces of Art wherever you are!

Also, one of our missions is to make Art more accessible to people and show them how much it can be innovative and entertaining. The seven selected artists completed really interactive masterpieces, dusting off the “boring and inaccessible” reputation of Art.


Download our app and experiment Art in a different way!

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The 7 artists

If you want more information, here’s the list of the seven selected artists for this innovative collaboration. 

Nick Cave 
“The moment I realized I was a messenger first, an artist second, the burden was lifted.”

Nathalie Djurberg & Hans Berg 
“What do I like most about Art? It’s really the making of it.”

Cao Fei
“Let people get involved in it, and enjoy it, and then they will think more.”

Carsten Höller
“I’m interested in Art that produces a change of behavior that can be seen by others.”

Pipilotti Rist
“I treat technology as bad copies of our senses. If we work hard on them, we can get results.”

John Giorno
“It’s easy to have an idea, but to make the idea into perfection is an enormous skill.”


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