31 July 2020

3 Ways Art Can Boost Your Hospitality Venue

Anna Harvey

The hospitality industry seeks to please by every means possible, and whether it’s haute cuisine, impeccable service or a wealth of amenities, the customer’s experience is paramount. With the devastating effects of Coronavirus on such a consumer-facing industry, many venues are seeking new ways to attract clientele.

Although many hospitality venues wouldn't put investing in contemporary art at the top of their lists, now is the time, more than ever, to do so. The new generation want to be wooed not only through fully-equipped spas, but through the Instagram-worthiness of their trips.

Art and the hospitality industry have known a long relationship, where purchasing neutrally-toned abstract pieces en masse was the norm. The conversation has changed, however, hospitality management is more open to experimenting with decor, opting for bold statement rooms and emerging artists to provide that much sought-after, one-of-a-kind experience. 

1. Art can enhance brand identity

Art is key to providing a unique connection between venues and clients, providing an emotional resonance and crucial touch of personalisation. This is key to enhancing brand identity because it opens up a highly-personal dialogue between the guest and room they inhabit, rendering venues memorable and therefore more authoritative in the hospitality industry. 

Establishing a front as a creative and artistic hotel develops a high sense of credibility amongst not only clients, but competitors, by attracting guests who share the venue's values. Art can help customers feel like they belong, because supporting emerging artists can turn a brand into an advocate for the art industry and local, independent creatives. 



City Skyline Selection

 “The art is a part of the identity of the hotel, and is integrated into the architecture, design, concept, and what we ethereally call the vibe, the intellectual soul of the hotel.”

- Jason Pomeranc

2. Art can boost online visibility


Room at the INNSiDE Milano Torre GalFa featuring Itala Gasparini's Painting 


Room at the INNSiDE Milano Torre GalFa featuring Emiliano Cavalli's Painting 

Brochures and travel guides are out, and there is a new language in town; painting. Tourists no longer solely seek beaches, pools and nightlife, but an authentic connection with their surroundings. Interactions with the locality have become more calculated and meaningful, with most guests finding inspiration for their next movements on Instagram and other social media platforms. Due to the highly ocular nature of the online world, it’s important to provide an aesthetically pleasing, individual interaction for guests, supplying a validating and different experience for visitors.

The majority of guests nowadays are social media savvy, exposed to inspiring images of unique hotels and restaurants around the world. The ubiquitous nature of sharing imagery online means potential guests have a very well-trained eye for what is an aesthetically pleasing (or even trending) venue.

This means that, adorning the walls of hospitality venues with art is a was to gain free, online marketing, as guests are more likely to photograph unique decor and share it online. Making a venue as Instagram-worthy as possible through interesting artworks can do wonders for its online visibility, allowing it to potentially be reposted and shared by travel bloggers, influencers and art aficionados around the world. 

3. Art can increase brand loyalty

A unique experience is a must-have part of the contemporary hospitality industry. The rise of ‘house share’ and ‘boutique stay’ initiatives like AirBnB, mean guests are exposed to very raw, authentic experiences in the local scene.

Venues need to follow suit in order to keep up with the mounting trend for personalisation, and a great and affordable way to do this is through rotating art exhibitions. Working with local and emerging artists not only provides a means for industries to set themselves apart, but additionally gives a very unique and vital insight into the local scene.


Mario Fontana on Artupia

Artupia’s collaboration with Spanish hotel chain, Melia, saw each floor of the INNSiDE Milano Torre GalFa dedicated to a specific Milanese artist. A total of eighty-eight Original and Custom paintings were provided to Melia by Artupia, exploring a range of styles and sizes to provide an immersive experience to guests.

Artupia offers renting services for hospitality venues to refresh their aesthetic every few months, allowing returning guests to encounter new art and experiences. The concept of rotating paintings in venues not only keeps the interior decor fresh, but increases brand loyalty as guests are guaranteed a new experience every time.

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