Artupia and the SDA Bocconi Sailing Club: our amazing weekend in Lerici!

The SDA Bocconi Sailing Club is probably one of the coolest Bocconi associations (in our opinion at least) and last weekend, we had the opportunity to be a partner at their 2019 regatta in the beautiful town of Lerici! The association aims to share its passion for sailing and to inspire the MBA students with a spirited and positive attitude.

One of Artupia’s core goals is to democratize the elitist Art industry by making it more accessible to everyday people and to a much larger public. By merging Art, technology and a passion for sailing, we wanted to show that Art, paintings and creativity have different shapes and colors.


Moreover, sailing is not that different from painting! Indeed, sailing requires ample amounts of discipline like precision, accuracy and attention to details (just like a painting!) all whilst playing with natural elements like winds and water. Also, we know that the sea is something that truly inspires many of our artists thus we wanted to give them a chance to showcase their work in front of talented and ambitious MBA students.

The event started on Friday evening with a drinks reception in the amazing Lerici Castle, otherwise known as Castello di Lerici in Italian. However, the main show-stopper that evening was a live painting show with the support of two very talented Artupia Artists: Giulia Bigliardi and Manuel Sartor.

gdfdgdgd.jpgWe launched a drone into the skies surrounding the majestic castle, that took multiple images of the castle and party from afar. One image was then chosen that both artists were asked to paint in their respected styles. The liven artists show was a real success that was appreciated by Bocconi students for its novelty and they were really impressed by how fast the two painters were. During Friday’s event, we also provided SDA Bocconi with five nautical-themed original paintings, all very different from one another to highlight the diversity of our artists, which were then exposed at the party.

On Saturday evening followed SDA Bocconi’s regatta gala and awards ceremony at the spectacular Villa Marigola. Artupia had the honor to create a Custom Painting for the 1st place winner of the sailing competition and was privileged to gift the founder of SDA Bocconi Sailing Club with a Custom Painting containing their prestigious logo with colors of the university and the ocean playfully scattered across the canvas. 


Last but not least, we showcased an interactive augmented reality stand at the villa for the guests of the gala to explore. The AR stand allowed some of Artupia’s most innovative technology to shine whilst the guests had a lot of fun digitally viewing and comparing life-size paintings on walls. Without a doubt, the stand was a great experience that demonstrated how technology and Art could not only work together but, complement one another as well. Anyone can test out our augmented reality feature using our innovative mobile application that our Developers Team has worked extremely hard to make innovative and transparent. The AR experience on mobile enables users to test put any one of our paintings directly on their chosen wall-space (bedroom, living room, hotel lobby, restaurants, etc) until they find the perfect fit!

At Artupia, we believe that Art is for anyone who wants to experience it and we are proud to share the talent of emerging artists through events like the SDA Bocconi Sailing Club’s annual regatta!

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