Artupia at #WebSummit, 5 things we’ll remember!

Web Summit 2019 is over but we had such a blast! For the second time, Artupia was in Lisbon from the 4th to the 7th of November to present its technology and its unique way to revolutionize the online Art market.
Here 5 things we learned from #WebSummit2019.

1) Tech, app, data and machine learning!

We had the chance to attend the Opening Ceremony and were introduced to the most promising startups in 2019/2020 and what can we say…? Data, machine learning and artificial intelligence are definitely the new trend to disrupt the market and answer to consumers’ needs within our new digital society. From Barkyn who developed this intelligent box that automatically feeds your pets, to Ohne, the app that revolutionizes women’s period, the uberisation of the economy is not about to stop, always putting the consumer’s need at the forefront and offering a quasi-instantaneous answer. 

2) Edward Snowden sent a loud message about data collection

During the Opening ceremony, the most notable guest was of course, Edward Snowden! Speaking via video link, the former NSA contractor who discovered that the American Intelligence was spying the world “in the general indifference”, sent a loud and chilling message signal to companies but especially authorities about the data collection regulation.

The first message was “Show why users should not trust you” – an invitation to show users that they don’t have to trust your company when browsing your website or buying your service since you do not collect private data from them. To meditate.

The second one was about the GDPR that he considered just like a band-aid on a wooden leg since GDPR protects data collection, but data that should have not been collected in the past according to him. To meditate also.

3) Katia Bassi, the CMO of Lamborghini, rocks!

Katia Bassi was one of the most interesting speakers in my opinion, not only because she’s the first woman in history to hold the position of top manager in an industry dominated by males, but also because she’s definitely an expert in the marketing field! Her way of talking about how Lamborghini is helping people bring their dream cars into reality almost makes me want to start saving money from now. Not to mention the fact that Lamborghini is a “no-gender” car, women and men are equally considered by the company as potential drivers and we like that at Artupia!

4) Meetings, collaborations, projects, and ideas: Web Summit revolves around creative people!

Seeing people talking on the stage is nice, meeting people for real is even better! We had the chance to cross the path of many cool companies and entrepreneurs during these 4 days in Lisbon. Special thanks to our Italian comrades, BOOM ImageStudio and Tanaza, who impressed us by their innovative technology and motivation to build a new world. Not to mention that both of their CEO has been selected to speak on the stage as an expert on their own field. 


But we also met interesting companies and people such as Forest Home, London Trade Art, Rademade, the French author Remy Genet, and the new exclusive luxury community BeSeated; people we hope to stay in contact with and hopefully, collaborate with in the future.

5) Lisbon is beautiful and Pasteis de Nata are the best!

We had the chance to explore the wonderful city of Lisbon during the week and really enjoyed the city and its cuisine! From Bairro Alto to the Praça do Comércio and the LX Factory, Lisbon is undeniably a dynamic city that has so much to offer; from a personal and a professional standpoint. We look forward to coming back during the spring or summer seasons to fully enjoy the Portuguese culture! It’s a match, Artupia will come back!


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