Artupia 5.0, a better app with a fresh new design

Breaking news: after months of work, we’re releasing our new app, Artupia 5.0.

Having a website is cool, having an app is even better! A lot of work has been done since the first version of the app released in 2017, Artupia 5.0 is like a renaissance for us, a fresh new design, an easy to use interface, more intuitive: Artupia 5.0 is our new definition.

Why an App?

Connect to people. Share. Discover. Our mission at Artupia is to give you access to Art wherever you are, encourage emerging artists to develop their career and empowers Art lovers. Our application is designed for our users who want to experiment with Art even further! It’s like a link between our artists and Art lovers, a way to discover new shades of Art wherever you are.



“Art is everywhere, and everywhere is Art”, Brandon Boyd.



Experiment Art in a different way through Augmented Reality. The application enables you to directly visualize paintings on your walls.

Since the beginning, we work hard on this functionality to offer our users the most realistic experience and let you appreciate Art beyond the screen of your mobile. 

We implemented support for People Occlusion functionality provided in ARKit 3 with iOS 13. Now AR paintings realistically pass behind and in front of people in the real world, making the AR experience more immersive.

AR is the tool you need to start creating an environment that looks like you. 



The artist is not only a painter.

The application is also where you can easily create and order your Custom painting in a very few touches! We’re not equal when it comes to talent… so maybe you’re not a good painter but it doesn’t mean that you can’t create your own masterpiece.

On the application, you can create your Custom painting and select the artist you like to complete your project. From a photograph or a drawing, everything is possible even the impossible!

We redesign the whole process of Custom painting to give you even more control over the creative process. Our developers and UX designers put a lot of effort to make it innovative.. so let’s shine your creativity!



A fresh new design.

The first thing you’ll notice if you’re not a new user is that we completely redesigned the application and implemented the Dark Mode.

We worked on the Explore page to help you find exactly what you’re looking for in terms of Original paintings, improving the search, creating new categories and trying to make you discover more artistic styles.





Easy peasy

The painting details page has been changed a bit too!

In one touch you can follow the artist, save the painting to your personal collection or add it to your bag, and of course, visualize the painting in real dimensions through AR.

We reviewed the user profile section, enabling you to set up your privacy parameters and easily edit your info. Also, we add a tab where you can see the previous Custom painting you ordered.

If you are a new user, you can now Sign In with Apple (amazing), so faster than ever!

Last but not least, the checkout process is now easier. We added the Check out with Apple Pay feature for your to purchase paintings easily!
Smart and efficient.


If you are an artist…

If you are an artist you have no reason anymore not te be on Artupia! The registration process has been simplified and so does the process to add a painting. Remember that you should always upload high-quality pictures of your work and write a short story about it, like your inspiration or its meaning for example.



We are really proud of this new version and we hope our users will like it! At Artupia we always try to do better and empower both artists and Art lovers through innovative services. Share, create, purchase, collect… enjoy Artupia!

Download Artupia 5.0


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