Artupia and BOOM, together against the Climate change: #MakeArtNotPollution

On Wednesday 12th of June, Artupia and Boom Imagestudio joined forces to fight against the Climate change. As we like to do, we invited a few of our artists to join the event and showcase their talent in front of our guests: the live painting together with great weather and good musicians made the atmosphere magical!   

 undefinedArtupia’s courtyard

The event was about an important subject: the defense and protection of our natural environment. A cause that is too often forgotten by people. At Artupia, but also at Boom Imagestudio, we feel very concerned about this subject, that’s why we decided to organize this event and show people a new way to recycle. Is there any better way than Art to express our concerns about Mother Nature?  

 At Artupia, we believe that Art is not only about paintings but that it can also tell stories, provoke reflection, and have an impact on the world. With this in mind, we came up with #MakeArtNotPollution: an event to sensitize the people about climate change and show them how to turn pollution into something artistic. To illustrate this message, our artists depicted three amazing artworks!  

One of the most attractive installations of this event was the artwork realized by Emiliano Cavalli: he painted a seabed over a wood board of 2 meters by 3 meters! In front of this seabed, we put a curtain fool of plastic bottles to illustrate the pollution in the ocean. People had the opportunity to take a picture in front of the artwork and share it on their social profiles to sensitize people to sea pollution.


Mario Silva’s artwork represented the effect of the pollution through an allegory of a black sea, painted with bitumen, a sticky, and highly viscous liquid form of petroleum.  


Our second artist, Rancy, realized a graffiti over a recycled tarp of our planet, melting and disintegrating because of the climate change.   

undefinedUnhappy World


Last but not least, Dolaana Davaa realized on a wood board “La Corte degli Artisti”: she reproduced in live a picture taken by one of the Booms’ photographers; an incredible way for us to remember this successful event.  


Our three artists clearly participated to make this event into something memorable. 
At Artupia, we believe that Art is for anyone who wants to experience it, and we are proud to share and promote our passion and the talent of our emerging artists through events like #MakeArtNotPollution and to our guests.   

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