When we say that we care about our artists, what do we mean?

Artupia provides artists the opportunity to share their talents and find the best homes for their work. But how do we do this? 

Artupia is not an Art gallery as we do not pre-select our artists. In fact, any artists, strongly passionate about Art, or not, has the possibility to register on our website and sell their paintings to our community. Once registered, the artist becomes a full member of our community which means that he/she will be able to share and exchange with more than one thousand artists, coming from 25 different countries! This is an opportunity for them to grow and enhance their technique day after day while selling their paintings to far away from Art lovers!  

But that’s not all. 

We are 100% dedicated to our artists, supporting them in their creative projects, sharing our thoughts and helping them to find inspiration. Since not all of our artists have a place to paint, we also offer them access to our courtyard in Milan where they can serenely work on their artwork. This month, we will host Dolaana Davaa. She is a young student at the Brera Art Academy. She is currently working on a project that represents, through pieces of a woman’s body positioned in a casual, but provocative way, self-acceptance and the physicality. The pieces of the body will be represented as if it were a game, where you can change and switch them from one to another. Dolaana is using plaster, acrylic and tempera paint for her creation. You can follow the evolution of her project on our Instagram profile but we will also be happy to welcome you to our offices! 


This is the occasion for Dolaana to showcase her incredible talent to people walking around our courtyard. This is not the first time that we work with Dolaana since she participated in our last event #MakeArtNotPollution about climate change, where she completed a live painting in front of our guests, impressed by her talent. 


In fact, we like to ask our artists to collaborate with us during our events. For example, we are now holding an event for the 50th anniversary of the Gay Pride in Milan and we invited Emiliano Cavalli to participate. We furnished him with the paint and the material: the project is to create a participative artwork representing the love, the tolerance, the family and the solidarity. But we will tell you more about this in a future article. 

At Artupia, we are proud to support our artists’ projects and help them to increase their visibility. We are always willing to help them to realize their artistic projects by sponsoring them or offering them space and material to paint. We know that painting is first a passion for them, but also a way to express their emotions and convictions. There is a story and a meaning beyond each painting, and we are more than happy to support their creativity.

Grab the opportunity today and become a member of our community! We are waiting for you! 

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