Can I Get Fries With That? How an Art Gallery Drive-Thru Changed the Art World

When you think of drive-thrus, it’s usually McDonald’s, beer-thrus (great idea, thanks USA),  marriage chapels in Las Vegas (not so great idea, USA), pharmacies and now even COVID-19 testing facilities that come to mind. Art galleries, however, are not readily associated with this unique, albeit pretty lazy concept.

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The Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit 

The first art gallery drive-thru experience was announced last month, when the same company that staged the Atelier des Lumieres Van Gogh light show in Paris, organised The Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit in Toronto. The art world has been hit especially hard by coronavirus’ calamitous grip on cultural industries, leaving many artistic hubs desperately searching for innovative ways to support their artists and creative communities. 

The Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit allows viewers to drive through a 35-minute light show from the safety of their cars. The venue, a former printing press in Toronto, can accommodate up to 14 vehicles at a time, where viewers are transported to a sunflower-teeming virtual reality from the safety of their cars. 


Elena Galimberti, Omaggio a Van Gogh i Girasoli 

Bandwagon to Volkswagen

Germany was quick to jump on the drive-thru bandwagon (or rather Volkswagen) for a similar art-viewing experience. An airport parking garage was transformed into a drive-thru art gallery at the Cologne Bonn airport, displaying artworks from fifty different contemporary artists. Displayed on luggage carts, the exhibit was organised by galleries in art epicentres Dusseldorf and Munster, allowing emerging artists a muchneeded air time during this testing period. 

Ar(t) for you

At Artupia, we immediately recognized the power in rendering such a historic and important industry accessible to everyone, everywhere at all times. We love creating not only great art, and providing a great platform for our artists, but also creating great experiences. Our AR feature allows you to virtually experience art in your home, so if you don’t have a drive-thru gallery near you, why not transform your home into one instead? 


Artupia AR feature in action

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