For Christmas, gift handmade emotions: the movie.

I’ve already glimpsed the first lights turning on and some red ribbons embellishing the streets of Milan.
Christmas is just around the corner and its magic is already there.
Some have begun to write their endless list of gifts and some instead, continue to be affected by the “syndrome of the Christmas holidays” for which they decided that “they don’t like Christmas”… I still did not understand why.


After all, what is Christmas?
A city that fills up with lights? Santa Claus who, with his sleigh, visits our humble homes? Or a simple moment of the year when we let ourselves be carried away by a sweet and warm enthusiasm?

I think there’s a lot more to it than that.

Let me tell you a Story.

Every year, my family and I gather at my grandmother’s country house: my relatives, cousins, uncles, aunts and grandparents… the house is always full during this period. Even if it is complicated because we all live in different cities, far from each other, nothing has ever prevented us from getting together during the Christmas holidays. It always went smoothly. Except once. I remember it like it was yesterday. My cousin had just left for Canada to start a new life and couldn’t come back for a few reasons. Demoralized at first, we did not lose heart and decided that we would spend that day with the same spirit. And December 25th came. The tree, the Christmas crib and its lights were in the usual place. Everything was ready, so equal and perfect as always. Everything, except that empty place at the table that, even with the best will of the world, did not go unnoticed. So all together, in a moment of melancholy, we gathered around the room and started to look all the old photo albums. Slowly laughing, the melancholy disappeared, giving spaces to our memories.


Because in the end, Christmas is nothing more than this: to find the people you love and create small moments of happiness.



And when that’s not possible? We try to fill their presence with MEMORIES because they bring us back together. So why are we losing ourselves in the compulsive search for something material that they might like when nothing is stronger than an emotion?

So you may wonder, how can you gift an emotion?
I know it sounds not easy, but you won’t be alone in this undertaking.

We have prepared something very special for you.
Something you won’t easily forget.

You’ll rediscover the beauty of excitement and from that moment on, you’ll be sure that nothing is impossible.

You’ll understand why we’ve taken this journey together, looking for something that goes beyond just images.

Merry Christmas, this is our gift for you!



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