Collecting Art: Your Go-To Guide for Everything Artupia

We all hit a moment in our lives when we level up in adulthood. We find ourselves abruptly cured of the crippling FOMO that once infected our experience-hungry minds, favouring Saturday nights in, browsing through pastel-toned Le Creuset cookware sets and matching silicon egg washes that’ll never, ever get used. 

You’re not exactly sure why you have this insatiable desire to buy a duck-eggcoloured, cast-iron sauteuse, but you do. Perhaps you seek a baptism of culture and refinement to rid yourself of those questionable choices made in your twenties, or perhaps you just really bloody love to sauté vegetables. Whatever your reasons for levelling up, why not try using art instead?

Choose art you like

With the unwelcome arrival of Coronavirus rearing its ugly head, the wounded world economy goes unhealed, leaving many Le-Creuset-Hungry Millennials unable to even think of buying a home. Purchasing furniture and decorating your rented interior feels superficial when you’re held at the mercy of landlords, since statement pieces will have to be lugged from flat to flat. Art, however, is different.

Investing in an art collection will not only make any over-priced, glorified broom cupboard feel like a more sophisticated and personal space, but it’s a smart investment in an unstable economy.


Lidia Dell’Ajra Mengoli, Arlecchino Blu

Start on a low budget


Amanda Burkovski, Portrait of Faith Ringgold

Collecting art can offer a hefty payback. Despite the wilting world economy, the creative industry will always continue to bloom, because creativity brings joy, and joy is what the world needs to heal. You don’t need a big budget to start your collection; the beauty of art is, it’s a tangible asset that stands to increase in value depending on the market.

Artupia offers a wide range of works for under €50, so if you want eventually to sell purchased pieces, you stand to make a decent buck or two. If you prefer, however, to keep your piece, then you stand to only brighten your home; it’s a win-win.

Buy from emerging artists 

Purchasing works by emerging artists is not only affordable, but it supports artists who are starting out in their careers. This helps the artists you’re buying from forge stable careers, raising your chances of finding the next Haring, Basquiat or Warhol! 

Artupia allows you to add pieces to your collection both on the app and site, and even see your collection in your space with our nifty AR feature. Check out the full AR guide here. Saving artworks to your selection is easy: Create an account in the Artupia app or online and simply click the ‘a’ symbol when viewing a painting in app or ‘Save to Collection’ on the site!


Hilba Alsaadawai, A Spark

Paintings Below €50!


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