Customise to Your Art’s Content this Valentine’s Day

Plato once famously proclaimed that “An entire army of lovers would be invincible,” but what does being a ‘lover’ mean? This word has such a ubiquitous presence in our language, how could we possibly use it to express our most profound feelings? The ancient Greeks were quick to recognise the nuances of ‘love’, establishing four categories to best describe this elusive emotional concept: Eros (passionate), Philia (Friendly), Storge (Familial) and Agape (Unconditional).  We all experience at least one, if not all of these types of love in our lifetime, and they often evolve and transition throughout our relationships. Valentine’s Day is commonly associated with Eros; the butterfly-inducing, giant-teddy-bear-buying, super love. We’re here, however, to show you that even if you love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is actually about them all. 

With limited focus on the other categories, it’s not clear how to purchase a gift for the friendly, familial or even unconditional loves in your life. With Artupia’s unique Custom Painting service, you can create the perfect personalised gift for your Valentine this February. Available in four styles (Realistic, Stylized, Interpreted and Approximate), we have an array of artists available to custom paint your favourite photo. We’ve even coupled each category of love to its ideal painting style, ensuring you have the perfect pairing this Valentine’s Day. 

1. The Real Deal

This one is for Eros: If your Valentine makes you feel like you’re orbiting through space like Elon Musk’s Tesla, then this is the one for them. Our Realistic Custom Paintings allow for a visceral depiction of your lover, where every brushstroke pays an unparalleled tribute to their beauty. 

Screenshot 2020-01-30 at 14.35.29.pngCheck out our Realistic Custom Paintings.

2. The One that Never Goes out of Style

This one is for Philia: If your Valentine  bypasses corporeal passion and is founded on mutual respect and understanding, then look no further. This friendly connection will be captured perfectly in the languid lines of our Stylized Custom Paintings. Like the abstract roots of this style, Philia embodies cultural and intellectual connection, where each relationship is familiar yet unique, graceful yet bold and complex yet simple. 


Screenshot 2020-01-30 at 14.45.42.pngCheck out our Stylized Custom Paintings

3. The One that Needs no Interpretation

This one is for Storge: if you’ve never had to have a eureka moment to realise you loved this Valentine then this is the Custom Painting for them. This is the most innate love possible, and like these interpreted, Pop-art-style Custom Paintings, Storge is easy on the eye, relatable and universally adored. Screenshot 2020-01-30 at 14.45.54.pngCheck out our Interpreted Custom Paintings.


4. The Soulmate (…or at least Approximate)

This one is for Agape: if your Valentine would literally do anything for love, then this is the Custom Painting style for them. Agape is sacrificial, loyal and will always put their companion first. It is commonly considered the highest form of love, void of judgement, ever-present and fully accepting of any quirk, flaw or weakness… and that, folks, is why they call it puppy love

Screenshot 2020-01-30 at 14.35.41.pngCheck out our Approximate Custom Paintings.

Whatever the love in your life, we’ve got you covered with the perfect visual vocabulary to tell your story. 

Create your Custom Painting!


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