David Hockney Spreads Optimism With his iPad Artwork

Back in March, the 83-year-old artist shared a new drawing, aptly completed on his iPad, as he too made the move online from his lockdown in Normandy. Featuring four daffodils timidly blooming with the arrival of spring, Hockney’s digital artwork sought to communicate a message of hope to his viewers. Entitled, Do Remember They Can’t Cancel Spring, the British artist reminded us that despite the dark period we’re living in, lighter days quite literally await. 

While we continue adapt to our new lifestyles, here are more symbols of hope inspired by the pop artist in the shape of paintings for your home (and now also office/gym/restaurant/bar/nuclear bunker etc.). 

The Rainbow

The rainbow is usually associated with hope, Gay Pride and new beginnings, due to its bridge-like shape, allowing it to connect us from one moment to another. The rainbow embodies the possibility of traversing from not only one physical state to another, but equally one spiritual state to another. In periods where there is an all-consuming sensation of things ‘ending’ it’s often forgotten that endings provide the perfect breeding ground for new, and maybe better, beginnings. So keep riding that rainbow, or get a picture of one for your home/office/gym etc., because who knows, maybe there will be a pot of gold (and hopefully a vaccine) at the end.


Edoardo Faranda, Donna Arcobaleno 

The Peacock

The national bird of India, the peacock is symbolic of wealth, protection and luck. Considered the earthly manifestation of the ethereal phoenix, an image of a peacock is a recommended feng shui remedy for attracting a mate. So, if you’re stuck inside, and feeling lonely in more ways than one, why not feng shui your home into a love haven for a special someone (after the quarantine period is over of course!)?


Priyanka Gupta, Beautiful Peacock 

The Dove

The dove (A.K.A a white pigeon, sorry to burst that ideal) is usually a signifier of peace, but additionally encapsulates hope. Chinese legend claims their presence at the Emperor’s court was so welcome, because their gentle cooing provided an ataractic ambience. So next time you dismiss a brazen pigeon (grey dove, remember), don’t forget that it might just be your key to a more hopeful and peaceful life…


Dayse Pontes, Entre Primos e Pombos 

Create your own symbol of hope!


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