Experience Art in a different way: our solution at Artupia

Today’s dilemma in the Art industry is that we want people to access Art and connect with artists from all over the world whilst synonymously sharing the message that Art has to be felt first. Many online Art galleries flourished over the internet, allowing people to explore and discover different styles of paintings but nonetheless, buying artwork online scares many Art lovers. 

So we tried to dissect this problem at Artupia. How can we connect people altogether, showing them thousands of different sides of Art and, make them experience in the most realistic way the painting they fell in love with?

We don’t want to be like another online Art gallery yet alone anything else. We want to be one of a kind and to make people genuinely feel part of a community. A community to discover Art yes, but also a community for artists who are empowered to experience Art in their own way. I believe that the following three elements were the motivational keys that pushed our users to take a leap of faith and start acquiring paintings on our website: 

We are real.
We use cutting edge technology.
We are trustworthy.  


Our community is real. 


Our first goal at Artupia is to help emerging artists develop their career and following this, our second essential goal is to encourage people to discover and acquire pieces of Art. But that’s not all; we don’t just sell paintings online, we put the maximum effort into putting a face behind each artwork and to share its story. For us, it’s really important to highlight the incredible talent and dedication that our artists possess. We don’t want an anonymous community of painters, we want our users to know that the artwork they bought has been made by a real person who has his own reasons, inspirations and his own story beyond the colors of the canvas. With this in mind, we try to include our artists in our corporate collaborations with companies during events. We are also going to release a new concept soon: “artist of the month”, where we will talk about one of our artists, his/her background, story, and much more. We will also try to better understand the thought-process behind their paintings, artistic style and their aspirations in life. I think it’s vital for our users to get to know our artists better and on a much more human level.
And also, seeing their raw talent, because they clearly deserve the recognition. 

We let you experience Art at your fingertips.  


We have two passions at Artupia: Art and technology. We are convinced that Art must be a real experience and decided to use technology to enhance our users’ experience on a newfound level. We developed our mobile application with Augmented Reality technology allowing our users to directly visualize (in real dimensions) their selected painting on a wall and even to compare various ones next to one another. We are aware that investing in a piece of Art on the internet can be scary, that’s why we want our users to perceive and appreciate Artupia’s paintings in a way that goes beyond a simple screen. Our augmented reality tool enables you to “fix” the artwork on your wall and walk around to get a sincere impression of how it would look in reality. Our developers worked extremely hard to provide you with the realest experience possible. If you haven’t tried it yet, I strongly encourage you to do it! Not only is it really fun but the technology behind it is undeniably innovative.  


People trust us.  

We understand that buying Art over the internet is quite a “new” concept and that some people might think: 

“Artwork online? This is risky, are they for real? They must be low quality.”


Well sorry, but these people are wrong. At Artupia we are proud to say that our paintings are high-quality, handmade, original and unique. If you live in Milan, we gladly invite you to join us at one of our upcoming events or to simply pass by our offices, to see firsthand the heart and soul we put into our brand. We are a young startup and the Art market is both exclusive and competitive however, I confidently believe that Artupia makes a difference because of how it’s humanizing the connection that people have with Art. We are very diligent with our customer support because we want the foundation of our relationships with users to be built on trust. We also try to include our users in collaborative projects like the one we did a few weeks ago in Milan for the 50th anniversary of Gay Pride. 

I never thought Art could unite people on such a deep level until I experienced that event firsthand. Since I started working for Artupia, I’ve met so many new and interesting people. We all come from different professional backgrounds (developers, sales, designers, marketing) but at the end of the day, we all believe with such integrity the values and goals that Artupia represents and it motivates us every day to do and be better. We want to share our ideas with people because after all, the concept of Art is all about sharing our experiences with others.

Join us


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