Trends We Love: Modern Romance

Whether it’s a new home, a rented haven or a temporary measure, the spaces you live in are a lot like relationships. Some require work, others are love at first sight, but whatever the reason, it’s time to fall back in love with your home this Valentine’s Day.
Don’t worry, there will be no swiping or awkward first dates involved, we’re going to show you how to make a grand gesture, five Original Paintings at a time.  

Let Love in with a Gallery Wall

Dedicating a whole wall to art can be an intimidating prospect, but guarantees a sophisticated statement. With the ‘My Collection’ option you can virtually curate your perfect gallery wall in advance, saving artworks all in one place. undefined

Raquel Sarangello – Love

We Recommend: Mix and match painting styles and sizes to create a dynamic and visually-stimulating gallery wall. Our unique AR feature even allows you to see how the wall will look in advance, letting you fully commit to this new interior relationship! Check out our complete guide to creating a Gallery Wall. 

Curate a Cosy Corner

Simona Iamonte – Black Cat

If you don’t have a human (or animal) companion to cosy up to this Valentine’s Day, then why not recreate comfort with a reflective Original Painting.

Even just looking at a painting can reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, as your brain comes off autopilot and attempts to make sense of the choreography of colour and line before it. 

We Recommend: choose a serene painting to hang in the confines of your favourite corner, and let the walls form a figurative hug around you, whisking you away to peace and tranquility…

Add a Dose of Vitamin F

Not going to be receiving flowers anytime soon? Or do they mysteriously wilt every time you attempt to introduce them into your home? 

With our selection of floral frescoes, we’ve got fresh, everlasting bunches ready to brighten up your walls.


Irina Ivanova – Bed of Roses

We Recommend: Give your flowers pride of place in your bedroom, contrast them against modern furniture, and sophisticated linen. The delicate nature of flowers can have an astronomical impact on your interior décor, bringing a much-needed bucolic aura to your bedroom. 

Light Up Your Life

Although the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day are saturated with all things red and pink, yellow might be the colour to introduce into your home. Yellow resonates with the logical section of the brain, actively stimulating creativity and artistry.

Often associated with sun, happiness and fun, yellow is actually a deeply intellectual colour, guided more so by the head rather than the heart

Alessandra Musso – Incastrati io e te

We Recommend: given its warmth, why not build a gallery wall around your yellow piece and make the most of the varying, sunny shades? 

Take a Risk


Goeun Seo – Inner Temptation 

Sometimes the last thing you think you want is actually exactly what you need, so why not explore a large-scale or bold abstract Original Painting for your home?

This can offer a completely new perspective and atmosphere for your room, where the array of hues offered by abstraction can leave a room feeling complete. 

We Recommend: If you’re looking for real impact, display your bold painting in your living room or dining space, surrounded by vibrant accessories and a variety of furniture. 

Start your Love Story!


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