Flying High, the artwork that changed her artistic vision #ArtistOfTheWeek

She’s been playing with acrylic painting for years, looking for her own style. She liked her work, but at the same time, during college, she felt trapped in strict rules.
One day, however, Terri began to explore new shapes and colors and suddenly felt free. She realized that there’s nothing more powerful in Art than being yourself. 

“I like to think that my artwork is a way of showing people how I see things inside my head.”

Terri jones

Flying High

Flying High - T..jpeg

Flying High is a Terri Jones’s painting.
Details: mixed technique, 22×30.


What does “Flying High” represents for you?

“Flying High represents the breakthrough, the moment I decided to forget about the rules and started to use what I really wanted and portrayed what I had in mind. This work is a strong reminder of my roots, when I used to fill my notebooks with colorful drawings. In this painting I tried to keep a limited range of colors and use a style that was not excessively realistic, while maintaining a constant structure. It’s the first time I’ve sewn into a canvas, using a thread for the chain lines, trying to keep the swings in place.
It’s no coincidence that this is one of my smallest artworks: it was the beginning of my career and I was still testing many techniques. Over time, the more confidence I had in myself, the more I began to make larger artworks.”


Flying High.jpeg

“I like to visit Luna Parks at night. I love to capture all those colors and flashing lights to recreate the same magic on canvas.”

Terri Jones

On top of the world.jpeg

On Top Of The World

How does your creative process begin and develop?

“I don’t know how to explain it in reality! I see something that I like and immediately the image appears in my mind and at the same time I think about the things I would exclude and those I would highlight. From that moment I can’t do anything but start painting, otherwise, the image would continue to reappear in my head!
For me Art means expressing myself, painting my vision of the world.”

Is there someone in particular who inspired your works?

“I love Art that encourages you to search for hidden details. H.R. Giger (Hans Rudolf Giger) always reminds me that sometimes you just have to choose the right range of colors to create beautiful paintings. I love the idea he developed for the film Alien. Not so long ago I was also lucky to see some works by Jake and Dinos Chapman at the Tate Modern in London. In their works I am fascinated by the details: all the elements have a meaning, nothing is there by chance, and all of them in one way or another, tell a story.”



What we think in Artupia

“The calm of the landscape. The warm colors of the carousel. The clatter and speed of the motion. Who hasn’t had chills when climbing into this kind of attraction? In a second, our heads are spinning and our feet are no longer touching the ground. “Flying High” may just be a simple painting of a merry-go-round, but others will see it as a metaphor for life, the merry-go-round of our routines sometimes shaken up by an event! And when it stops, the joy or pride that takes over the dizziness. We’d almost go back. To appreciate Art is also to be able to read its hidden messages, and I feel that Terri is really good at painting stories beyond the colors of her works.”

Agathe Guibé

Terri & Artupia


Terri joined Artupia in February 2018 sharing Original Paintings depicting landscapes, animals and imaginative compositions.

When Artupia collaborated with SDA Bocconi Sailing Club for the organization of the regata evening during the weekend of May 17-18, in the beautiful city of Lerici, Terri exhibited, during the event on the Terrace of the Castle, one of her artworks with the theme “Boats and coasts at sea.”

In addition, the Osteria Darsena, a prestigious restaurant in Milan decided to host an Art exhibition in its headquarters and within the artworks selected, they chose one made by Terri, Whiteford Point Lighthouse.


At the moment Terri is actively collaborating with Artupia, regularly uploading her new paintings and soon she will be one of the artists available to customize paintings for companies and individuals.

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