From Elon Musk to “La Dama con il Pavone”, Davide won the hearts of all

He studied to become a computer engineer, but his heart has been beating for years for painting.
His name is Davide and he has already won the hearts of many. Today we will talk about the painting La Dama con il Pavone, a painting born from a simple photograph.

What gave rise to the idea of making La Dama con il Pavone?

“Well, initially, the idea was to portray a dragon but after a few drafts, I found the image too aggressive. I started again, digitally, and decided to represent a mythological bird, similar to a swan, focusing on the woman pose the bird. The overall first result was much more elegant and refined. I changed my mind again about the bird when I realized the swan’s feathers could not give me enough freedom in terms of coloration. So the animal became a peacock with large wings and coloured feathers. The painting was created with the idea of representing “appearances” because we often focus our attention on the appearance of a person, instead of their personality.”


I’ve also tried to represent the defense mechanisms we put in place when we deal with other people (in this case, the peacock).

What is the source of inspiration in your paintings?

“When I create a “personal” painting, I try to be as inspired as possible by Italian tradition (especially Venetian masks) and fairytale literature. For this reason, also in this case I decided to represent a dress that refers to fairy tales and carnival. I would have liked to have included some Venetian masks, but in the end there was no way. Even the “peacock” is inspired by our tradition.”


What we think at Artupia

“I met Davide at Campus Party 2019, the greatest experience of creativity and innovation. On the occasion of this event, the artist completed a fantastic Live Painting performance, transforming a blank canvas into an extremely realistic portrait of Elon Musk. I still remember the mass of people who stopped to take pictures and congratulate the artist on the attention to detail and the precision with which he had reproduced the subject. The same care with which Davide makes all his masterpieces and makes them unique. La Dama con il Pavone is, I think, the synthesis of Davide’s style and artistic inclination. So precise, but at the same time so expressive, he managed to reach the heart of his audience by simply being himself.”


Davide & Artupia

Davide joined Artupia in September 2018, uploading his realistic drawings and paintings. He has an incredibly detailed technique and his works are made with brushes and acrylic. Acrylic is very complicated to use for paintings because it is a material that dries quickly and makes the effect of tonality difficult. That’s why Davide has created his own technique that allows him to create nuances and achieve truly realistic results with very short delivery times for his paintings.


Davide actively collaborates with Artupia and considers our project a great opportunity to share his Art and grow professionally. 


Custom Amici Richi.png

London Eye.png

These are just two of the Custom Painting that Davide has created for some of our Artupia users. Aren’t they incredible? Both were made to remember a special moment and make it even more unforgettable. What are you waiting for? From today you can do it too! 

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